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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trotter a Cowboy?

There is some debate going on at the Dallas Morning News about Jeremiah Trotter becoming a Cowboy after the Eagles dropped him ... again.

I was sort of surprised when the Eagles dropped him. The DMN blogger, who by the way refuses to post my posts because I have run a blog, wrote a post about it that really didn't expend too much effort or imagination. And he gets pounded a little bit by some of the people commenting. who seem to know a lot about the 'Boys.

For example, "Larry" says:

1. Phillips has always said, in the Phillips 3-4 you cant have too many linebackers.

2. The boys currently only have 8-keepers at LB, and that includes Ellis. If they keep a 9th, which they would like to do, currently that would be an undrafted rookie like Harrington or Phillips.

3. Bringing in Trotter would allow Carpenter to move back outside, his natural position, and join rookie Spencer in Ellis continued absence.

4. It would be worth a lot to have a guy who knows the defense like a book of your chief competition in the division.

It aint gonna happen for money reasons but he could be a GREAT fit in Dallas.

I like what this guy has to say here. I certainly would prefer we get Trotter over the Deadskins or Giants, who need a linebacker now. Someone will snag him. And with Ellis heading for retirement, Trotter may not be a bad pick up. He should come relatively cheap.

But Jon says:

Bringing in Trotter just doesn't make sense. First off the Eagles released him because they think he's lost a step, and to my knowledge they don't exactly have a superstar waiting in the wings to replace him. So releasing Trotter seems a little suspicious to me, either he really has lost a step or we haven't heard the full story yet. Looking at their roster the only LB of note is Takeo Spikes. Second, a lot of people have said move Carpenter to OLB. That's fine and good for the preseason but what happens when Ellis comes back. Now you have a first round pick who was pushing for serious playing time as a nickel LB/rush DE playing 3rd string. The only way I would take a chance on Trotter is for the league minimum with a small signing bonus. And lets face it, Trotter is too good... someone will pay him some money. He's just not a good fit for this team at this point. I hope Dan Snyder is on vacation somewhere because Trotter could sure help out that defense, same said for the Giants. I for one like our defense the way it is now. I like how Kevin Burnett and Carpenter have played. And I also don't think Carpenter is a natural OLB in our 3-4. He doesn't have the pure speed to play OLB in this system but fits very nicely as our ILB especially on the nickel package. Two years ago I would've loved to have Trotter on this team, but now we just do not have room for him.
Initially, I felt the way Jon did. I really want to see Carpenter get some playing time. He's having a great preseason. Another guy called Carpenter a bust. I don't think so. He hasn't had much playing time. In fact, I thought this choice was a surprise because we weren't weakest at this position. We could have used another safety or cornerback over a linebacker, or a real good offensive lineman/center.

I personally am back and forth about Trotter being a Cowboy. The most interesting part of this is the comment about how he knows the Eagles defense in and out. That's intriguing.

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