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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Is there reason to fret with McNabb's preseason start?

Donovan McNabb has started his preseason with great success. And, quite honestly, this is something to be concerned about. Why? Donovan McNabb has been a Cowboy killer. If he has a healthy season, the Eagles once again are a force to be reckoned with in the NFC East. His stats last night--finishing 6 for 9 for 138 yards, including a 58-yard strike to tight end Matt Schobel--are telling.

Dallas, on the other hand, is looking for rookie Anthony Spencer to shine, especially with the Greg Ellis drama lately.

"I feel like they're counting on me right now," Spencer told

You're right, Spencer. We are counting on you. It's been awhile since Dallas has had a powerful pass rusher. In fact, our last one is Haley. We have some serious talent who could really make our defense a force. But that's just at the front. When you look past the 5-yard zone, we've got a secondary that hasn't been consistent.

I've hammered on our secondary all year and I won't stop unless I see some big, shut down plays. This is what I am going to concentrate on all year: the secondary.

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kickholder said...

I wrote a preseason prediction for a site other than mine, and I could not remain objective and still put Dallas ahead of Philly. The Cowboys certainly have the talent to take this division, but the Eagles have our number in a manner similar to the Cowboys' dominance of the series in the 1990s.