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Friday, August 17, 2007

Betters Beware: Bet on Wade Phillips

It seems the folks at don't have much faith in new coach Wade Phillips. They have betting odds listed for NFL Coach of the Year and Phillips is on the long-shot list, along with coaches on some of the NFL's worst football teams.

Does this make any sense? What does it really mean? Considering he's tied with Falcons' new coach Bobby Petrino and Raiders' new coach Lane Kiffin, could this mean BetUS believes Dallas will not compete this year?

You've got to be kidding me. However, I think what this really means is they don't think Dallas will improve enough over last year to get him the award. I wonder if an NFC Championship game will even get him in contention.

On a side note, at my regular job--I'm a journalist for those who didn't know--the Sports Department did a poll for fantasy sports players on who would be a surprise star for fantasy football this year. Guess who lead the pack?

Marion Barber.

Finally, I apologize for the absence. This may have been one of my busiest weeks of the year and I survived, even after a night of heavy drinking. I am recovering now on the couch.

Dallas plays Denver tomorrow. Let's hope for a Romo TD pass tomorrow.

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