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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Injuries and what else: the secondary

I found out today that Terence Newman's heel injury isn't minor. He will miss the rest of the preseason and could even miss the opening game against the Giants.

In Newman is going into the season injured, this opens up a very scary possibility that the secondary will not improve. I know, I sound like a broken record. But even the drubbing of the Broncos last week had glimpses of what happened last year: poor deep pass protection.

Anthony Henry, at least with my eyes, struggled to cover second- and third-string receivers so far this preseason. Aaron Glenn is old.

We're left with Ken Hamlin and Roy Williams, two hard hitters; two iffy pass cover guys.

I don't want to watch the Cowboys have a 21-17 lead with a minute left in the game only to lose to some flying duck pass that is caught by an above-average receiver covered by a less-than-average corner or safety.

We need to improve the secondary. More blitzing, as Wade Phillips likes to do, may help. But it also could hurt.


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