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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Defense second series

First and 10 and the defensive line holds up.

Second and 9 and Anthony Spencer was a second away from his first NFL sack.

Third and 9: Sorgi makes a nice pass to the tight end for a first down. Secondary fails.

First and 10: Well, missed the play because FOX has to interview TO. sigh. A four yard run gain.

Second and 6: Another pass for a first down to the tight end.

First and 10: a pass to a running back for four yards.

Second and 6: Should have been caught but it a Sorgi pass was too hard and flew through receiver's hands

Third and 6: to the tight end Fletcher AGAIN, but he is a half yard shy of first down.

4th and 1: Quick snap and YES!! The defense holds and it's a turnover on downs.

6-3 Dallas.

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