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Monday, August 20, 2007

Anyone have a tissue for John Lynch?

When I read the comments Broncos safety John Lynch said after the Dallas-Broncos preseason game Saturday, I nearly fell off my chair.

Lynch decried the effort of the Dallas defense. He said they tried too hard, blitzed too much, and played too aggressively. This is a game in which Denver lost its starting running back Travis Henry and several other starters.

Lynch said:

"They came out and game- planned us, blitzing every play. They came after us. It's no excuse for the way we played. But I think they might have broken the code of ethics for the preseason."
Lynch went on to say Dallas violated some code of ethics and it was done on purpose because Wade Phillips was "fired" in Denver. Oh my. Is this guy for real? I have admired Lynch his entire career. He's a Super Bowl winner and a hard hitter. But, since when did he turn into a girl?

It's hard to turn it off and on in any game that's played live. If you want preseason to be a real-game experience, then you sort of have to play it that way. So, for the first quarter or two, you play your game. What's irked the Broncos is the 21-3 lead we had. And our defense smothered them all night. Somehow, we must be led to believe the Broncos were following some unknown preseason Code of Ethics, and that's why they got crushed?

PLEASE, Lynch! Take that preseason loss like a man. It's not like the game counted.

What do I think John Lynch really is?

He's a:


Bill said...

If they want a game to be played without hits, they shouldn't even bother with the preseason. You can't play a sport as brutal as football halfway -- that seems an invitation to injury anyway.

PJS said...

I think Lynch was referrring to the Cowboys' scheming/game-planning moreso than hard hitting. It's odd for an NFL team in the presason to game plan its opponents.

That said, his comments are still odd.

Dallas Cowboys Blog said...

PJS, his comments are odd and wussy.

Dallas is preparing for the season. And that's how ya do it.

We crushed the hell out of them and it hurt his feelings.

Sabina said...

Keep up the good work.