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Monday, August 27, 2007

Michael "Ookie" Vick guilty; he finds JESUS!

Michael Vick spoke from the heart today after pleading guilty to dogfighting charges. He will redeem himself, he said. "I have to." Vick will be sentenced in December.

After watching the video, can you see the trouble in Vick's life? Did you feel his remorse? Or is he just completely scared that his life is taking an amazing detour to prison. It's likely he will spend at least a year behind bars. I certainly realized what painful life is ahead of him.

"Dogfighting is a terrible thing and I do reject it. Through this situation I found Jesus and I asked him for forgiveness."
But what's most fascinating about his speech is that he found God. Yes, through this horrible event in his life, Vick now finds Jesus. Who in their right mind doesn't believe that his attorney told him to say that. Vick found no God. I find it troubling how so many convicts use this statement. We've heard it so many damn times.

I wonder how Vick will return to the NFL. I wonder how he plans to rebuild his troubled life.

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