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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why are Miami-Dade police so hush-hush about the Taylor murder?

The Miami-Dade police released no new information today about the Sean Taylor murder, puzzling the major media outlets covering this case.

It's rare for large police agencies to keep quiet on cases that have as high a profile as this one. The police even declined to release the incident report (a public record) or the 911 tapes (public record) because of the ongoing investigation.

Fine. But at least have a press conference with the leader of the force telling the millions of concerned people and perplexed fans that some progress has been made. Keeping quiet has the opposite effect.

Have they turned over any stone that provides some hope a suspect will be caught?

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that this was not a random murder. The basic facts the media has released spell out a planned-out attack by someone who knew where Taylor lived, knew where his bedroom is, knew he was home and knew to cut the phone lines to the house so his girlfriend couldn't call 911.

Despite that, the police believe this was a random act of violance. Unbelievable.

The Miami-Dade police force is either close to making a big announcement or it is fumbling through this case without a lead in sight. As a former police beat reporter for seven years, I know that police do provide details, even small ones, of the case in hope that a suspect may start talking. At times, they even release false or misleading details that may make the suspect try to set the record straight with an acquaintance. But so far, the police haven't even led people to believe they are on to something. To me, it is suspicious behavior from a large police force.

Taylor's girlfriend never saw the intruder? According to police, she did not. As reported by several large media outlets, police said they would explore any possible connection to a dispute between Taylor and several Miami men in 2005 that led to criminal charges against Taylor. One of the men later sued him.

According to the LA Times, the Miami-Dade police were searching for a shooting suspect but conceded in a statement that they had no description of the gunman or reliable information on the number of perpetrators involved. This paper reports that the lack of police information is an an apparent allusion to the lack of witnesses or known suspects.

Police on Monday collected fingerprints and other forensic evidence at the player's pale-yellow ranch house surrounded by a white wall and black metal gates. Processing of that evidence was accelerated after Taylor died, transforming the case from one of a suspected break-in to a murder investigation.

But on a video here a police representative says that in most cases people make mistakes in covering their tracks. However, even with the circumstances of this case, he still thinks it is a random act of violence. The only coincidence to the contrary is the burglary of Taylor's home eight days earlier, which he concedes could be the same person.

Still, they are confident they will catch the person. Why am I less confident?


Joe said...

I agree with you entirely. This is most definetly not a random incident, and probably not even a robbery attempt. What burglar kicks the bedroom door down of bada$$ NFL player known for weapon incidents? None. This was a hit from the start, and don't be shocked if Ms Garcia set it all up from the start.

Cajie said...

They are hush hush because he is black and a black killed him. They are afraid they will be called the R-word. The black kkk will get their jobs.

These stats below are never talked about, and black crime is downplayed in the media - look at the Petersen case news coverage, the noose boogey man, the Jena 6 Fraud, Duane, Dog, the n-word repeated by the news over and over, ad naseum. These are supposedly white crime on black. Just comparing news coverage and spin you can see how American people are kept from knowing what is really going on. The news media completely ignored the brutal horrible murder of two, 20 year old, white people in Knoxville, TN (utube it), they were held hostage, and tortured horribly for days by 6 blacks, who will likely watch tv in prison for the next 50 years paid for by us.

Listen to black clergyman Rev. Petersen, he will tell you what they are up to with this noose and jena 6 fraud. He says is just wrong. The purpose is to clearly intimidate white people, and white people are wrong to allow it.

Other black people, NOT naacp sharpton, jesse type activist, who would agree with me are: J. J. Johnson of the Sierra Times, Elizabeth Wright, Walter Williams, H. K. Edgerton of NC, Nelson Wimbish of Kissimmee, FL, Bob Harrison of VA, Jason Whitlock of St. Louis, Larry Elders and others you may have seen on TV. These black scholars and patriots dare to say the truth of the matter.

1. What is needed is for the rank and file black people to speak out and say they don't agree with what the black kkk is doing, but alas, reviewing the crime stats, you can see that they are very likely to be afraid to do it, especially with tempers flying about.

What is this education being taught in our school systems, in black history month, in black colleges? Consider that so many young college students showed up at the Jena march and bought into jesse-shartpton-false media reporting interpretation, and didn't even check the facts (see black sportswriter Jason Whitlocks articles).

2. What is needed is for white people to stand up and protest this pc proproganda and hold their representatives and the media's feet to the fire! Check out the facts and see through the spin.

3. Don't tolerate the r-word. Refuse to allow anyone in your presence to say it. The r-word is marxist coined and didn't appear in the dictionary until 1948. It is misused in a hateful way, played as a race card and has whites running scared.

I am sick of the R-word thrown about labeling whites just like the N-word labeling blacks. It has come to mean the same thing. Demeaning, hateful, discriminating and promotes travesty of justice, one big excuse used by bad blacks to keep on doing what they do.

The black power (blackkkk) is out to change the justice system one way or another, Instead of cleaning up their act, recent news reported black power committees in Washington claim our justice system is unfair to blacks and they are working now in Washington to change sentencing guidelines and set them free. The evidence shows otherwise, as most of the blacks convicted of long terms have prior offenses, a record already, just like Mycal Bell of Jena 6 fraud. Sharpton had a march in Washington today promoting the hate crime law which protects blacks from whites, and claiming not enough whites are prosecuted under the statue.

"Black Americans accounted for 13 percent of the U.S.population in 2005 ...but were the victims of 49 percent of all homicides. Among single victim-single offender homicides, about 93 percent of black victims were murdered by black offenders."

"Blacks were victims of an estimated 805,000 nonfatal violent crimes and of about 8,000 homicides in 2005."

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that 93% of those 8,000 black people killed in 2005 were killed BY OTHER BLACKS.

Black people (men, women, and children) make up ONLY about 12% of the USA, which logically makes "crime-age" black men ONLY about 6% of the US population, but somehow only 6% of the population commits over 50% of all murders, over 32% of all rapes, over 56% of all robberies, and over 34% of all aggravated assaults in the USA.

In light of the recent "Jena 6" situation, and the threat that black people have claimed to feel from whites because of it, what do you think about the fact that more black people were murdered by other black people (7,440 people, which is 93% of 8,000) in one year alone, 2005, than were murdered by all the white lynch mobs during the 48 years of 1882 through 1930 combined (about 2,500 people). Lynching stats from "The History of Lynching In The United States", a class at The University of Massachusetts.

"There are "2805 [documented] victims of lynch mobs killed between 1882 and 1930 in ten southern states. Although mobs murdered almost 300 white men and women, the vast majority - almost 2,500 - of lynch victims were African-American."

This means that, in only one year, blacks killed almost 3 times the number of blacks than were killed by all the white lynch mobs during the 48 "peak-lynching years" combined!

Stats by state of lynchings from the Tuskegee Institute show 1882-1968 - 86 years: 1297 Whites and 3900 blacks.

Therefore, it stands to reason that the real, most dangerous threat to black people these days is not from racist white people or lynchings, but from black people themselves.

The noose boogey man is a red herring to distract us and label whites with the R-word.

we have examined black-on-black murder, now let's examine interracial murder:

Total Homicides by Racial Composition of Victims and Offenders

Year - Black on White - White on Black

1996 864 342
1997 760 269
1998 661 293
1999 648 223
2000 640 228
2001 628 220
2002 644 255
2003 673 269
2004 646 284
2005 692 254

------ ------
Average: 686 261

Using the inter-racial murder stats above, blacks are at least SIXTEEN TIMES MORE LIKELY to kill whites than whites are to kill blacks.

(and also that there is a 93% chance that if a black person is murdered, that his murderer is also black.)

All around the country reports are coming in that white people are being victimized by the sharpton jhaid:

Star fires staffer over controversial comments
Sandra Chapman/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - A racial slur on a blog has led to a firing at the Indianapolis Star and a public apology from an editor. Leaders of the city's Black community asked for an apology for what was written, and the newspaper gave them one. The Indianapolis Star is a news-gathering partner of Eyewitness News.

Anonymous said...

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