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Monday, November 5, 2007

Chris Cooley Smears TONY ROMO!!!!!!

I live in Deadskins County in Virginia and it's never easy. Everything is Washington Redskins. The television. The radio. The newspapers. It's gross.

On the way to work this morning, I was listening to DC101. Every Monday Elliot interviews Deadskins tight end Chris Cooley. The entire interview lasts about 10 minutes and Cooley, his bad hair and all, touts the team. It's pathetic and boring. Elliot has no balls to really question Cooley because he's a biased Deadskins fan. In fact, Elliot is probably massaging Cooley's groin during the interview.
But this morning, Cooley went too far. He went after our quarterback, Tony Romo. I tried to search the Web site so you could hear these disparaging remarks, but I couldn't find the interview. But Elliot said he read this article in which it said the Dallas Cowboys QB position is one of the most distinguished positions in all of sports. He asked Cooley if he agreed, which prompted Cooley to go on a tirade against Romo. Cooley said that he spoke with a few Deadskins teammates recently and they all vocalized their disdain for Romo. He said the Deadskins don't like him. They don't like how he jokes around. He's too cocky and arrogant, he said. Romo thinks he's awesome, Cooley said.
"He thinks he's funny," Cooley continued, aggressively bashing Romo for several minutes.
Chris, you sound like a little whiny baby. First off, you need a haircut. You look like a crackhead. Secondly, the Deadskins have lost 16 of the 19 match ups since Nov. 16, 1997, including 15 in a row. Yes, 15 in a row!!!! Chris, you have no right badmouthing Tony Romo, who currently is a Pro Bowl quarterback leading the best team in the NFC. You stick with trying to find positives with your quarterback situation, and the woeful Jason Campbell. Don't bring your posterboard nastiness to Dallas. Chris, I take it you missed the game last night, the drubbing the Eagles took at the hands of the Cowboys, led by you know who: Tony Romo.
Chris, I take it you are looking ahead to the Nov. 18 match up, aren't you? You scared, Chris? You afraid of getting knocked out by Roy Williams, Chris? Is there any other reason you decided to knock one of the best quarterbacks in the game? You think he's a jokester? You think he's not funny?
Want to know what's funny, Chris? The Washington Deadskins are funny. Joe Gibbs? Daniel Snider? Please. You're funny, Chris. You're a jokester. Those 4 catches you had yesterday tire you out, tough guy? Chris, you wishing you were Jason Witten? You see what he did last night?
I hate to look ahead because we have an important game against the Giants coming up, but Chris Cooley forced this out of me.
Chris, you think the Patriots beat on you pretty good? I heard you on the radio last week about that game. You sounded deflated, kind of like Andy Reid did last night.
But on Nov. 18, you're not going to know what hit you. Dallas 55 Redskins 3

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This has got to be one of the most embarassing comments I have ever heard from a Cowboys fan... Lemme tell ya what... I'm still not sold on Romo... A pretty boy that gets a woody everytime the post-season appears but then two things deflate: His peter and his confidence... Tell your horny quaterback to keep his girlfriends out of the stands when playoffs start and he might have a chance at the next round of the playoffs... Oh, yeah... Roy Williams ain't got a damn thing on Sean Taylor... He wishes he could be Sean... He wishes he could move around the field like Sean did... Even though our great safety is dead HE is going to the Pro Bowl, not Ol' RoyDub... Have you noticed that when Cooley does have his bad hair day he makes it look good?... That's why they call him COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL-eyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! Sucker... A TRUE REDSKINS FAN FROM REDSKINS-VILLE VIRGINIA... OH YEAH, IF THIS IS "DEADSKINS" COUNTY VIRGINIA, WHY DON'T YOU TAKE YOUR PUNKASS TO dal-ASShole, texas? SUCKER.