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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers: Brett Favre is Going to be Tony ROMO-IZED

In case you are wondering, $330 will get you a ticket to the blockbuster matchup tomorrow night between America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys and the Cheesy Green Bay Packers.

A few notes about the game: WR Patrick Crayton is expected to start, but it's not going to be a game breaker if he doesn't get a lot of catches. As expected, Terry Glenn is not playing. I believe this is a game in which Jason Witten can shine. I also believe Marion Barber can expose the Packer defense for big, punishing runs into the endzone.

The Packers will have Nick Collins back at free safety, and corner Charles Woodson will play even though he is listed as questionable.

This is how I see this game transpiring tomorrow night. Favre is going to cost this game for the Packers. He is going to force throws, get sacked and fumble the ball once. He will try too hard to create plays because they won't have an ounce of life in the running game. The Dallas Defense is aware that Favre likes to dump the ball off in slants and to his running backs, for short gains. Although Roy Williams has hurt us in this capacity at times, tomorrow night he will show up, and put some heavy hits on these guys. A turnover is surely to occur. The only scary statistic is Favre is 0-8 against Dallas at Texas Stadium. That's scary because it's hard to believe he'll go 0-9. But believe it. He will.

This doesn't mean Dallas will blow them out, even though I think they can. I do think Dallas will run the ball a lot. Tony Romo is in no hurry to show off against his hero, Favre.

I'm excited for this game. Because of the cable scandal, I have to watch this game at a friend's house. I may not be around to provide regular commentary and posts. But I will come home that night and write something about the game. Go COWBOYS!

Finally, the has a cool video of the Dallas-GB rivalry here.


Anonymous said...

So, I'm really excited about tonight's game. As a huge Cowboys fan I'm really hoping for some kind of blowout. It awesome that we get to play in Dallas, its a difficult place to play at and I think Favre has never won in Dallas... has he? I just took NFL odds on the the Boys -7 points which I think is a sure winner. GO COWBOYS!!!!

Not David Derush said...

My recent blog post says Favre is 0-8 against Dallas. Not good odds for him. But you know the horrible saying: gotta win sometime?
Hopefully not tonight. I think we will pull this one out easier than most think. I put the Packers on the same skill level as the Giants.