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Monday, November 12, 2007

What happened the last time the Cowboys started 8-1?

Overall, the Dallas Cowboys dominated the New York Football Giants. But, we also can walk away from that game knowing that, finally, the calls went our way. There's not much one can say about the poor clock management from Eli Manning. Three delay of game penalties is just absurd. But a few calls, mainly the kickoff return that was called back because of a Giant penalty, was questionable. A call like that is not always made by the refs, and I was shocked to see it happen in the Cowboys' favor. That penalty was the turning point in the game, when we thought the unsportsman-like conduct from Bradie James did us in at halftime.

As always, the Cowboys turned it on in the second half. The penalties became less of a factor against us and more of a factor in our favor. Tony Romo looked sharp, especially on two perfect passes to Terrell Owens. The pass rush was much more evident in the second half, and we contained the Giants run game, forcing them to pass. Best of all, we contained Plaxico Burress, who blew us up in Week 1.

We did not contain Jeremy Shockey, and he was a the only reason the Giants were able to hang tight in this game for three quarters.

Easily one could say this was the best game the Cowboys have played so far this year. However, there is still is work to do. The secondary gave up a huge play to Shockey seconds before halftime that allowed the Giants to tie the game. The defense needs to play better during these moments of the game. The Dallas secondary continues to be a problem. Shockey beat Roy Williams et al all night.

The offense is cooking, and seems to improve each week. There's not much to complain about regarding how the offense is playing. Tony Romo is having an MVP year. He's the sole reason Dallas is as good as they are. He avoids sacks, makes plays, and usually makes very smart decisions.

The last time Dallas started 8-1 was in 1995. Barry Switzer was our coach. Guess what happened that year?


No Rings For You said...

Keep dreaming, Not David Whatever. The Cowboys could very well go to the Super Bowl, but the chances of them beating NE or Indy are about 5 percent. Not good odds. Be happy you're having a winning season and understand that your 'Boys won't be taking any rings home this season.

Not David Derush said...

Please. You obviously haven't seen Dallas play this year.

No rings for you said...

You obviously haven't seen New England, Indy, Pittsburgh, San Diego (well, depends on the week), Cleveland or basically any other AFC team play. Keep dreaming. NO RINGS FOR YOU!