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Sunday, November 4, 2007

The East does go through Philly

Tonight's game might possibly be the biggest game so far for the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles sure have had Dallas's number recently and certainly since Andy Reid has been the coach. The Eagles have also dominated the East for years.

That all should change tonight. Dallas is the better team. But it's certainly not a game to overlook just because the Eagles are 3-4. The Cowboys' trendy slow starts must end in this game. Newly signed Tony Romo and the pack have to come out strong, scoring early, to drain a good Eagles defense. If not, this game tonight could be scary.

It has been real quiet all week. Very little trash talking, if any, which this rivalry is not used to. The ugliest fans on Earth in Philly are real quiet this week. Well, there's one douchebag talking here. He's not even worth a response, but it's hilarious to read his pitiful prediction.

I'll do my best to give regular updates of the game tonight. I predict Dallas wins 30-13.

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