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Sunday, November 18, 2007

First Quarter

Dallas starts off well with a 27 yard kick off return by Miles Austin.

On 1st and 10 Witten is wide open for 12 yards and a first down. On the second play of the game Julius Jones runs through a wide hole for 13 yards. Dallas is looking great. Jones got it again and he is stuffed for two yards. On a high snap, Romo snags it and passes it to Witten for five yards. On 3rd and 3 Romo was in shotgun. It looked as if he was trying to call an audible and the ball was accidentally snapped. Luckily, it went right into Jones' hands, but he was stuffed. Nick Folk misses a 51 yard field goal.

Washington gets the ball back on their own 41. Clinton Portis runs for five yards. On second and 5 Jason Campbell runs for a first down. Washington is driving, with a pass to Chris Cooley to the Dallas 20. A play action play turned into a touchdown for Chris Cooley, and it's a strong start from Washington. It was an impressive drive and an impressive throw to Cooley. Roy Williams screwed up on this play. Washington leads 7-0.

Dallas gets the ball back and it's a hand off to MB3 for two yards, a punishing run up the middle. On 2nd and 8 Romo has all day, and throws it in the middle where there is decent protection--a near interception. On 3rd and 8 it's a sharp throw to Sam Hurd for 15 yards! On 1st and 10 Romo throws his first pass to Owens, who makes a nice catch for a first down. Tempers flared on the play with Owens and Springs after Springs pounds Owens to the ground. On 2nd and 2 a play action pass to Hoyte is complete for a first down. After some success driving the ball, there's a high snap that flies over Romo's head. He is able to get it and he throws a bomb to Owens. It's tipped by a Redskins and it looked as if Owens might be able to catch it when London Fletcher popped it and intercepted it. Another drive gone bad. Mistakes are killing the Cowboys once again. On the replay, Owens had a very good chance catching that ball, and maybe he should have.

Redskins get the ball back and on 3rd and 6 a pass goes right through the hands of Santana Moss and the drive dies. Redskins still lead 7-0 with 3:18 left in the first.

Crayton gets the punt and has a wonderful return, but it's brought back with an illegal block in the back by Bobby Carpenter. On 1st and 10 Romo rolls out on a play action pass to Witten for seven yards. On 2nd and 3 it's a quick pass to T.O. and he stretches for a first, but the chains show he is 1 inch away, which is ridiculous. On 3rd and 1 inch Romo keeps it for a first down. On 1st and 10 Jones dropped a pass. On 2nd and 10 Jones runs for three yards. On 3rd and 7 Romo throws high to Witten, and it's another stop by the Redskins defense. A great punt by McBriar and the Deadskins will start at the 4 yard line.

The first quarter ends.

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