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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Third Quarter----it's a blow out

Dallas comes out in the second half real strong. T.O. scores on a 45 yard pass. The Cowboys are killing the Eagles 28-7.

The Eagles get the ball back and have a min drive to the Dallas 20 yard line. On 3rd and 16, they throw a short pass, which brings the Eagles fans into a fury of boos. This is beautiful. Philly gets a field goal, 28-10, Dallas.

Dallas gets the ball back and is running down the clock, with three JJ runs in a row. JJ has been very effective today. A near fight occurs with 5:34 left on what looked like a late hit on JJ. Refs call a late hit helmet to helmet on the Eagles. Good call. Dallas is just making it look easy. On the replay you see just how scummy the Eagles are on that late hit. Disgusting and Hamsey should be heavily fined. Romo just throws a 20 yard touchdown to Jason Witten, a perfect pass. Dallas is mutilating the Eagles, 35-10.

Dallas has already scored more points in the Vet since 1971.

This game is a blow out, so I am going to turn down the PC to celebrate GREEN WEEK on NBC.

A great win for Dallas!!!!!!!

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