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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Second quarter

The Iggles continue the drive into Dallas territory as the second quarter begins. Bradie James blew up a screen play with a huge hit, and it's 3rd and 15 for the Eagles. A dropped pass and the drive stalls at the Dallas 36 yard line. Instead of trying a long field goal, the Eagles punt.

The Cowboys on its third offensive series Romo continues his perfect game, 9 for 9 for 99 yards and 1 touchdown. On 3rd and 6 Owens gets the first down and takes it to the Dallas 41 yard line. Owens has 4 catches for 46 yards. Another 3rd down play--we're 5 for 5 so far--and the Eagles finally hold when a pass to Witten is dropped. On the replay, that could have been a pass interference call.

Dallas is able to stop the Eagles with 6:14 left, but the Terence Newman has a 15 yard facemask penalty, allowing the Eagles to continue. On a 3rd and 1 Chris Canty stops Buckhalter. Eagles punt.

The Cowboys get the ball back for the fourth series. The first play is a 24 yard pass to T.O. Julius Jones gets a few effective runs and Dallas is well in Eagle territory as the first half winds down. The great drive ends when Romo throws an interception, a floating pass attempt to Crayton.

Cowboys get the ball right back with 1:33 left when Ken Hamlin intercepts a pass and runs it back to the Eagles 15 yard line. On 3rd and 1 MB3 powers the ball into the endzone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dallas increases lead 21-7 with :44 seconds left. McNabb looks DEFLATED!!!!!!!!!!
The crowd is boooing!!!!!!!!!

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