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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Third Quarter

The Giants get the ball and right off the bat the quarter starts off bad for the Cowboys with a penalty on Keith Davis. On a 3rd and 8 Manning has serious pressure but gets the ball off to Shockey, who is stopped a yard short for a first down. DeMarcus Ware appeared injured on the play, but he got up and walked off the field.

For the Cowboys first series of the second half and start at their own 15 yard line. Julius gets the ball and has a nice run for 9 yards. On 2nd and 1 Jones gets the first down with a three yard run. On 1st and 10 Jones is tackled in the backfield by Strahan. On 2nd and 11 Romo has all day and he almost throws and INT. Fasano catches the ball. Romo got away with one there. On 3rd and 2 from the Dallas 35 JJ runs for 10 yards. On 3rd and 7 after missing the last few plays because of an annoying call from an Anti Cowboy friend, Crayton catches a nice out for a first down. Dallas is on the move in this tie game. A score right now would be huge for the psyche.

On 1st and 10 Owens was obviously interfered with but no call fromt he biased refs. The Cowboys then ran a pitch out for a 1 yard loss. On 3rd and 11 Romo had time and Crayton was wide open for a first down to the Giants 25! Nice play. It was the third third down conversion on that drive. On the very next play, a 25 yard PASS TO T.O. FOR A TOUCHDOWN!!!!! Dallas leads 24-17. The Giants look deflated!!! Big Mouth Antonio Pierce had a concussion. What a series!!! Romo was 5-6 on that series for 56 yards.

On the kick off the Giants ran it all the way to the Dallas one yard line, but there is a penalty for holding and it comes all the way back. PHEW!!!!

However, the Giants come back strong and are driving with a series of throws, including Shockey's 11th damn catch of the game. The Giants are driving and pushing hard. The Giants continue to run the ball and the 3rd quarter winds down.

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Anonymous said...

We owe this likely victory to the referees! God bless Jeff Tripplet.