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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Giants: OVERRATED! How's that for a S-H-O-C-K, Pierce?

I am happy to announce that Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce opened his mouth again and stupid things came out of it. You all remember this goofball, right? Week 1, his "prediction?" Let me help you here.

Well, Pierce did it again. You can read his newest prognostication here.

Wow! Pierce said the Giants are going to shock people and shake up the NFC East. This guy has talked so much trash this year. This afternoon, someone needs to shut him up.

We cannot forget that in Week 1, we led that game by 16 points. The defense failed us in the end. But in my opinion we dominated the Giants. We will dominate them again. Eli Manning will show that he has nothing on Romo, even though Giants say Manning is the better QB because he was a first round pick. Yes, these Giants fans are intelligent; about as intelligent as squirrels.

The Giants lost to the Cowboys and Packers, and since then, have beaten some of the worst teams in the NFL, such as the 49ers, the Falcons, Jets and Dolphins, whom they barely beat.

The Giants are overrated. It's that simple. Their offense ranks 15th and passing ranks 20th. Their defense that every "analyst" is yapping about is barely better than the Dallas defense. We're ranked 8th, and the Giants are ranked 7th. And the Giants may not even have Plaxico Burress today, certainly not at 100 percent.

We should glide to victory today. Dallas 45 Giants 16.


Anonymous said...

Please, there is no way the 'Girls 'glide' to victory. You'll be lucky if Eli Manning doesn't throw five touchdowns en route to a 20 point Giants victory.

Not David Derush said...

Wow, what a ballsy comment!!! You're a tough guy.

Anonymous said...

I'm a girl actually, but thanks for assuming.

-- formerly anon 11:29

Not David Derush said...

Identify yourself. It's a good game, but Dallas is a second half team. We're going to win this game.