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Sunday, November 11, 2007

DALLAS WINS!!! 31-20!!

On 3rd and 1 for the Giants Droughns gets a three yard gain. Manning attempts a play action pass that Newman almost intercepts. That was very close. A hand-off to Jacobs goes for a touchdown but it is brought back with a holding penalty. On 2nd and Goal the Giants have a delay of game call. They are now pushed back to the Dallas 20. Ratliff nearly intercepts a screen play and now it is 3rd and Goal. Giants fail to get in the end zone and the Dallas Defense pulled it together, coupled with some damaging Giants penalties. The kick is good and Dallas retains the leads 24-20.

On 1st and 10, Romo avoids some serious pass rush and he takes a pretty good hit. The pass to Fasano is dropped. On 2nd and 10 Romo almost throws another interception. A penalty on the Giants, "hands to the face" and Dallas gets an automatic first down. Barber gets the carry for just a yard. On 2nd and 9 finally there is a slant on a perfect throw to Witten for eight yards. On 3rd and 1 MB3 breaks a tackle in the backfield and gets the first down on a tough hard nose run. On 1st and 10 Romo has ALL DAY AND it's ANOTHER BOMB of 50 yards to T.O. for a touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!! Dallas leads 31-20.

Dallas Defense stops the Giants again, gaining another sack, and it looks like we are tiring them out. A score here would put the Giants to bed. Barber gets the ball on first down but he is stopped in the backfield. On 2nd and 10 Romo threads a rocket to T.O. for a first down. T.O. has his third straight 100 yard game. Dallas has to punt after a promising drive.

The Giants have it at their own 9 yard line down by 11 points. It's 3rd and 8: Shockey keeps the Giants hopes alive with a 9 yard catch, 4:58 left. On 1st and 10, some no name white guy catches the ball, Kevin Boss?? for a first down. The Giants are now in Dallas territory. Jacobs catches one for a 10 yard gain, and now the Giants are in no huddle. Jacobs runs for 5 yards and the Giants are on the Dallas 32 with all timeouts left. On 2nd and 5, Manning throws the ball away to avoid the sack on a blitz. The Giants are unraveling and it's 4th down and 4, and the pass is INCOMPLETE!

Leading 31-20, Dallas starts to run the clock out with 2:52 left. Giants have 2 time outs left.

Dallas has a 3rd and 25, just running the ball. The Giants get a facemask penalty and give Dallas the automatic first down. What a stupid play for a stupid team. This game is over. Dallas continues to just hand it off to Marion the Barbarian.

The game ends on a Patrick Watson interception. What a game. What a win!

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