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Sunday, November 11, 2007

At Halftime, Game Ties 17-17.

Brandon Jacobs gets nine yards on a nice run, breaking tackles through the middle. Tank Johnson got doubled and was pushed right out of the play. On 1st and 10 Ware almost knocks down and possibly intercepts a pass, but Burress gets a 4 yard gain. On 2nd and 6, the defense shuts down the run but Tank Johnson gets a penalty for hands to the face, giving the Giants a first down. Five penalties so far for 34 yards. On a 3rd and 3 with the Giants driving and in field goal range, Jacobs makes a first down for three yards. The Giants now have second and goal on this 10 play drive. Shockey is having his best game of the season, snagging his 7th catch at the two yard line. On 3rd and goal the refs give Droughs the touchdown for a Giants lead 14-10.

Dallas needs to answer here. So far the defense hasn't performed well at all, sans the Hamlin interception. Julius runs for three yards, and the Giants defense is doing a lot of smack talking. On 2nd down there is a busted play. On 3rd and 9, a huge play, and Terrell drops it. Unbelievable.

Chris Canty gets a sack for a loss of eight yards, to make it 2nd and 18. Jacobs loses two and now it's 3rd and 20. Dallas calls a time out before the two minute warning, leaving them with 2. Spencer then pulls in another sack and Dallas may get the ball back with decent field position. WE NEED TO SCORE TO CLOSE OUT THIS HALF!!!

The FINAL SERIES of the first half: Dallas takes it at their own 32 yard line. Dallas gains a first down and the clock is ticking to 1:16. Owens catches a pass and is thrown out of bounds. Looked like a head tackle to me. 1st and 10 and Romo throws to Crayton for 9 yards. We are in field goal range with 40 seconds left. On 2nd and 1 Romo tries to sneak it but the refs give him a bad spot. It is 3rd and inches and it's a great pass to Terrell Owens at the sideline. The Giants are playing some crappy passing defense on this series. On 1st and 10 Crayton grabs a pass, breaks a tackle and SCORES!!!!! That's Crayton's 5th touchdown of the season. WOW!!! Dallas leads 17-14.

As disgusting at is can seem, the Giants capitalize on a Dallas penalty by Burnett and horrible pass defense. With 6 seconds a bomb to Shockey is successful and the Giants are about to tie this game and head into the locker rooms with the boost. Burnett's penalty allowed this 40 yard field goal.

First half comments: Too many penalties. The Burnett penalty was just a bone-headed move. The secondary also flopped a few times. Shockey has 8 catches and Dallas needs to take him out of the game. Witten has not been used yet. He was a huge factor in the Week 1 win. Romo needs to find him in the middle of the field if Dallas is going to pull away with this.

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