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Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello? Is The Cowboys Running Game There?

For the last two games against the Giants and Deadskins it seems that the Dallas Cowboys running game has softened. Although the JJ-MB3 duo ran for more than 100 yards against the Eagles--113 yards exactly and one TD each--the performance was hardly stellar. What that game showed was a solid team that can spread the offense around to several different players.

But against the Giants and Deadskins, we haven't broken the 100 yard mark. The duo ran for 82 yards against the Giants for no touchdowns and just 70 yards against the Deadskins for no touchdowns.

What happened to the running game? Does Julius Jones realize he is playing for a contract? Does MB3, although he continues to be the harder, more enthusiastic runner, realize he is a free agent, too, playing for a longterm deal? Losing JJ may already be written on the wall, but is it possible we would lose both considering we have two first round draft picks in this upcoming draft?

I hope not. But I am digressing. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR RUNNING GAME?

One thing that is obvious is both JJ and MB3 seem to bounce outside a lot. Now, that can mean the offensive line is not opening any holes for the backs. It could also mean that neither back is hitting a hole fast enough. MB3 seems to bounce outside a lot looking for a big run when if he just ran straight ahead it's a five yard gain. I see him do this a lot. JJ seems to get tackled for losses too many times, possibly the most in the league.

Another reason the running game may be slowing down is because the passing game is so hot. Romo has had two games in a row with 4 touchdowns. It's tough to start running the ball when the passing game is hitting on all cylinders. But it was also surprising to see the Cowboys, with five minutes left, start passing the ball instead of running it, and taking some clock time with it. We played an injured Deadskins team and barely got away with a win.

And finally, we saw the Deadskins pack the front line, sometimes eight strong. That certainly makes it difficult to run and forces the pass.

Just my observations, but I would love to see the running game come back, especially against the Jets and Packers.

I'd expect with the short week that we will run a lot against the Jets. Green Bay, on the other hand, might be an offensive battle fought in the air.

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