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Monday, June 25, 2007

To hell with Bill Cowher. Let's stop saying his name

I won't come out and say something stupid such as "Bill Cowher is a bad coach," but I wish Cowboys fans would stop bringing his name up in connection with coaching the team.

I would love to have Bill Cowher as a coach. But we hired someone else and the worst thing we could do is start talking about how awesome it would be to have a different coach.

I wasn't happy when Dallas hired Wade Phillips. I just didn't have a whole lot of faith in the guy. But, then again, I didn't look at his record as a head coach before I started pouting. He did well with a Buffalo team that wasn't amazing. In fact, Dallas may be just slightly better than his Buffalo teams, which is good news for us.

What am I trying to say? Let's give Wade a chance. We have a strong team and if we can fill the holes in our pass defense and get more of a pass rush, I strongly believe we have one of the best NFC teams.

But as long as we continue this chatter about Cowher, the deeper we dig the hole that very well could drop us to the bottom.

It's getting closer to the season and now is prime time to throw our support behind our new head coach. Rarely do new head coaches come right in and win, let alone win the Super Bowl. But just as rare is a head coach inheriting a team as good as our Cowboys.

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