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Friday, June 22, 2007

Nnamdi Asomugha, top 50 player?

Oakland Raiders
15 games
48 tackles
2 assists
1 sack
8 INTs
1 TD
11 pass defenses

Those are Nnamdi Asomugha's stats for last season. He had slightly more tackles and pass defenses the prior year.

Let's see if he is a top 5 corner in the NFL

1. Champ Bailey: Every season except maybe 2001, Bailey performed better that Nnamdi Asomugha. Bailey's stats last season, with 10 INTS and 73 tackles, makes him an elite corner.

2. DeAngelo Hall: Asomugha doesn't beat Hall's stats either. Hall does lose out on INTs but he has the rest. It's close though, but Hall is better.

3. Terrence Newman: Like Hall, Newman has Asomugha beat in all but one category. They tied with pass defenses at 11. But Newman is far ahead with assists and tackles. And Prisco put Asomugha ahead of Newman.

4. Rashean Mathis: I could easily put Mathis #2. He has great stats and 8 INTs last season, which is the only category he doesn't win against Asomugha, other than touchdowns. Again, Asomugha is not better than Mathis.

5. Asante Samuel: This guys is strong and he plays for a great team. He had 14 pass defenses last year and 10 INTs. Along with his career high 64 tackles and Samuel was a Pro Bowler. Right now, he's better than Asomugha.

I haven't even gotten to Nate Clemens, whose numbers are very close to Asomugha's and slightly better. Antoine Winfield is better, and his stats are very close to Asomugha's.

I could argue Carlos Rogers is better.

Peter Prisco, you didn't do YOUR homework.

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