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Monday, June 11, 2007

Do we need Ellis?

Greg Ellis, our disgruntled linebacker, brought his agent to practice recently and we are told the discussion with team executives was "cordial."

However, the real question I am sure they are investigating is whether we really need Ellis. We have one whiner on the team, in T.O., but does Ellis need to compound the problem? I say no. Let's look at his overall stats. He's never had more than 9 sacks in a season. That's nothing special. He was injured last year after some promising starts, but was he really missed?

We have a plethora of linebackers and defensive ends. And after 10 years in the league, Ellis has been injury prone and inconsistent.

So, why does he think he deserves more money? I think that's exactly what the powers at be are asking, too.

I won't mind Ellis playing for Dallas this year. But I won't cry if he leaves or is traded. I am just not in any mood for hold outs in a year with such promise. Even T.O. is showing up to practice.


kameleon_o said...

Don't think we need Ellis, but it's sure nice to have him. Our pass rush stunk after he got hurt, so even if Spencer beats him out for the starting spot, can you imagine if he gets hurt too?? IMO, having Ellis is like icing on the cake. We won't get much for trading him, he doesn't cost a lot, so there's no motivation to do anything but exactly what Jerry's doing.

DallasCowboys said...

True, but we also don't need the hassle of a whiner. I'm torn. I will write more about it later