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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A balanced offense wins games; Tank Johnson talks make me sick

It's been said that a balanced offense--running and passing an equal amount during a game--helps win ball games because your offense is less predictable to defenses. There's a reason Detroit can't win games and that's because the offense passed 66 percent of the time. Defenses knew that two out of three plays were going to passes. And because their running offense was horrible, we can figure out why Detroit blew it once again.

But Dallas is different. The offense passed 52 percent of the time and ran 48 percent of the time. Julius Jones and Marion Barber were effective, running for 120 yard total each game and averaged 4 yards per carry. The offense ranked third with 21 rushing touchdowns. Not bad.

A balanced offense doesn't guarantee wins, as Washington proved. But that team was so woeful last year that I am not sure anyone could have helped them win. Just bad chemistry and a horrible owner, one of the worst in the NFL.

I see Dallas' offense improving. Tony Romo will be more settled and I think Julius Jones will have a 1,000-plus yard season.

On a separate note, there is a lot of talk about Tank Johnson becoming a Cowboy. Of course, all of the Cowboy haters are licking their chops about this, making the same old bogus comments about how Dallas chooses talent over character. I don't think character is much of a factor for any team in the NFL until a player goes off the deep end, ala Tank Johnson and PacMan Jones. And the result of these bad character players is they got dropped or suspended. But everyone deserves a second chance.

With that said, I am not sure I want Tank Johnson or his drama. Sure, the guy could come in and immediately help our team and never get in trouble again. But history says something different and I prefer to keep our chemistry intact.

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