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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Romo, You Want A Contract, eh?

Tony, you may want a contract. You may think $1.5 million isn't enough for someone of your caliber to play professional football.

You brought the Dallas Cowboys to the playoffs (so did Quincy Carter) and you went to the Pro Bowl (Quincy Carter did not).

But, Tony, we fans remember the fumble. We remember it because the Seattle Seahawks never should have won that game. We dominated them.

Julius Jones had one of his best games of the year. You even threw a touchdown and had a strong passing ratio.

So forgive this Cowboys fan for being a little bit hesitant about giving you a long-term contract without seeing you play an entire season as our Quarterback. You are impressive and fans have a lot of hope that you will do well.

Show us this year how serious you are about taking the Cowboys to an NFL-record sixth Super Bowl victory. I would hope then Mr. Jones opens his checkbook and grabs a pen to sign your contract and pays you a record sum.

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