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Friday, June 22, 2007

Is Terence Newman the best Cowboy let alone top in the NFL?

Peter Prisco of CBS believes he is. But Peter Prisco is also a dingleberry. The guy's list is laughable, at best. But, I won't argue that Newman is one of the best cornerbacks in the league.

Prisco's piece does bring up an interesting debate: Is Newman the best Cowboy? I personally think, if one just looks at stats, T.O. may be the best Cowboy, and that's not easy for me to say. But it's true.

Is Newman the second-best Cowboy? Demarcus Ware and Roy Williams may want to chime in here. Julius Jones, too. There's a good debate going on at, and of course Newman is winning it. But some are shocked that Ware, who is #49, isn't higher and Williams doesn't even make the list. Who does make the list? Well, here are a few questionable, if not downright comedic, choices:

1. #36. Lee Evans, WR, Buffalo Bills: He flashed star potential last season and should be even better in 2007. He's one of the rising players on this list.

Analysis: come on folks. Lee Evans had one decent year in the NFL and even doofy Prisco says he flashed star potential. If you are going to name the top 50 players, though, I want to see top 50 players. Not those who flash potential. Pleassssssssssssssssssse.

2. #37. Nnamdi Asomugha, CB, Oakland Raiders: The Raiders have great history with corners and this is the next star. He showed shutdown ability last season.

Analysis: Prisco gets two in a row here. What the hell is he thinking? This guy is a top 50 player in the NFL? I honestly don't even know who the heck he is. Rightly so, I didn't watch one Raider game on the Ticket last year because it was like watching a Division 2 game, but I would think I'd remember some ESPN highlights of this guy if he is a top 50 player. Prisco, you are a dolt.

3. #43. Ty Warren, DE, New England Patriots: He's the most underrated player in the league. He could be on his way to his first Pro Bowl this season.

Analysis: Maybe Prisco meant the top 50 players in 2011? Who knows. But Ty Warren is not better than Demarcus Ware. That's ridiculous. Ty Warren is not a Pro Bowl defensive end. And Prisco's crystal ball is as fuzzy as a cotton ball.

I won't go any further.


Anonymous said...

The fact that you don't even know who Nnamdi Asomugha shows how little you know about the NFL. This guy is a top 5 corner easy. Maybe you didn't realize the Raiders had a top 5 D in the NFL last year either? Do your homework.

Anonymous said...

Asomugha isnt even CLOSE to a top five corner in the league, not even top 10...might not even make top 20 if i wanted to really think about it, but you said top 5, so heres 5 who would smoke him out of the water

champ bailey
Asante Samuel
deangelo hall
terrance newman
Nate Clements

I could go on, but stop sucking up to the raiders, they're defense was alot worse then it statistically showed, and half the teams they played took it like a day off