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Monday, June 25, 2007

This guy is dumber than Prisco

OK, this is a funny one. Adam Allen of Fantasy Insider Online has a post here that should make you cringe.

Allow me to dissect a few things, but first, can I just pick on this dolt a little bit? For one, I believe this is a pen name. Adam Allen? He's scared to print his real name. Secondly, what the heck is Fantasy Inside Online? Is this a joke? I only found it because of my automatic Google news e-mails.

Now, his article. He reviews the Dallas Cowboys' off-season and draft. He comments that we need to address our secondary problem. OK, I have to give him credit for that point, because it is true. And Hamlin didn't seem to be the type of guy we needed to fill the secondary hole. But then he says:

Put Romo in the Best Situation to Grow - This can be accomplished in a lot of areas. First, bring in a savvy veteran QB to help mentor him. Next, sure-up that offensive line and maintain continuity in play. Lastly, and obviously, surround the guy with weapons.

Build Depth - While a lot of the starters on this team are set, the squad isn’t all that deep. And with the crop of free agents they lost, it is important to replace their depth.

Dallas picked up the best offensive lineman available, and although Leonard Davis has underachieved, he also plays for the damn Cardinals. We also picked up one of the better back-up QBs left in Brad Johnson. If Romo fails or is hurt, I will feel confident Johnson can win some games.

Depth? The only position we may not have depth for is maybe center and wide receiver. Our draft choices gave us some depth.

But his overview is really what irked me. He gave Dallas a C + and remarks that using our No. 1 pick for essentially a back up defensive player is not a good use of the pick. This guys obviously has no idea what the hell he is talking about and I think we need to tell him.

Have fun, guys.

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