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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I HATE THE redskins

Don't we all? But I really despise this team, more than the Eagles and Giants.

Here's a little personal touch for you all. I live in Virginia, less than 90 minutes away from where the Deadskins play. I am surrounded by Deadskins fans. Their colors are everywhere. Their games are almost always on television here. The news stations always broadcast the Deadskins' victories and losses. The talk shows focus on the Deadskins. I am a journalist for a newspaper that covers the Deadskins.

I can't stand it. I have to be inundated with John Riggins on talk shows and sports shows. John Riggins!!! And I have to deal with people cheering when Dallas loses. Thankfully, we've had the upper hand on the Deadskins over the last 10 years.

Which makes football a lot of fun in this region because I usually get to do my victory dance.
So here comes the 2007-08 Season and Dallas is returning a class of productive players, who quite honestly, could have made it to the Super Bowl instead of the woeful Bears.

I just had to let you all know this, so you can feel my pain during the season and support my blog all year. I will have a lot of criticism for those disgusting Deadskins and their awful owner Daniel Snyder.


Anonymous said...

How old is this Blog and how are you advertising it?

DallasCowboys said...

the blog is three days old. I will advertise it anywhere for free.

Anonymous said...

hi, dan. i don't know a thing about football, but i thought i'd leave you a comment anyway. have a nice day!