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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Did this draft pick surprise you?

Am I the only Cowboys fan who was surprised Dallas chose Isaiah Stanback as their third overall pick in the NFL draft? He played QB but rumors are we plan to use him as a receiver.

He is coming off a season-ending foot injury that required surgery. He's about 6 feet 2 inches and 215 pounds. He can run a 4.4.

In 37 games (23 starts) at Washington, Stanback completed 269 of 523 (51.4%) passes for 3,868 yards with 22 TD passes and 12 interceptions, which ranks him 11th all time for Washington. He really only has about two years of experience as a QB and has a very raw arm. His health and durability are concerns and we're asking him to be a receiver or punt returner? I was stumped with this selection. We picked Stanback up in the 4th round, it should be noted. We just missed running back Michael Bush (also coming off injury) from Louisville, not that he was on our radar, but I'd take him over Stanback.

Our receiving corps is aging, but I don't see Stanback as the answer.

During an interview, Stanback was asked if he anticipates being a receiver or kick returner.

He said he believes he will be used as a receiver but he will play whatever they want him to play because he is a team player. He could mix in as a back up quarterback, but that stumps me even more and reminds me of the Quincy Carter fluke.

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kickholder said...

Had he been a sixth- or seventh-round pick, this could have been a steal. But the fact that Dallas did not take a true receiver at all and that the team selected him so high was frustrating on draft day. All we can do now is hope that these younger receivers (Hurd, Austin) step up.

Thanks, by the way, for adding my site to your links. I have added your blog to my page as well. It looks as if you are off to a good start.