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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Len Pasquarelli makes some good Points

ESPN's Len Pasquarelli goes on a rambling diatribe about why he thinks the Cowboys should sign Romo now to an extension. You can read the lengthy post here.

If you can get through it, he makes some solid points on why we should probably just sign Romo. Maybe a 3 year contract?

We really don't have any other choice. I go back and forth on whether Jerry Jones should sign Romo now instead of until the end of the season. I wrote a post not too long ago stating Jones should probably wait. But Lenny may have convinced me.

However, this is what scares many of us.

Len says:

Romo owns just 10 regular-season starts and has launched only 337 pass attempts. Although his record as a starter is an estimable 6-4, Romo's performance in his final five starts wasn't nearly as good as the numbers he amassed in the first five. He was 4-1 in his opening five-week stretch as a starter, completing 71.2 percent of his passes, recording a 115.6 quarterback rating, and throwing 10 touchdown passes as opposed to only two interceptions. But over the second half of his 10-game stretch as a starter, Romo's passer rating plummeted nearly 40 points, to 77.4, for an overall 95.1. He had six touchdown passes and eight interceptions and the Cowboys won just two of those five starts.

This is why we're a little concerned about giving Romo a new handsome contract. I am not saying Drew Bledsoe would have won us those four games or that he wouldn't have taken us to the playoffs. I know he wouldn't have because he just looked horrible on the field. Romo had glimpses of a Superstar. He just couldn't stay consistent.

The signing of Matt Schwab certainly doesn't help. What the heck has this guy done in the NFL?

So, I guess I will continue to be indecisive on the entire Romo contract debacle of 2007. This is why Jerry owns the team, I guess.

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