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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Culpepper? No. Please.

Dallas Morning News Blog started it. Let me finish it. He posed the question whether Dallas should pursue Daunte Culpepper when the Dolphins cut him. Let's put this idea to a quick death now. This would be disastrous for the team. We have Brad Johnson, who although old, will serve as a decent back up and probably better than Bledsoe. Culpepper would be a distraction, especially if Romo struggled a few games, which we pray he does not.
And I can just imagine T.O. siding with Culpepper, wanted him to start, and watching the season go down the tubes.
So, let's not even consider this. We have all we need to win it all. Let's make it clear right out of the gates that we're coming after the Chargers and Patriots head on, with full force.

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