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Monday, June 11, 2007

Burned on the deep ball

Dallas fans, we all know how many times the secondary has been burned on the deep ball. Giants and Plaxico. The near come back from the Colts last year. Even when we crushed the woeful Bucs, we got beat on a deep pass.

It was a very obvious weakness and every team sought to penetrate the secondary. It wasn't hard. Granted, we had power hitters back there--Roy Williams and Terrance Newman--but no one was really special at stopping the deep attack.

So, it was with surprise that Dallas went after Ken Hamlin, a former Seahawks safety who also hits hard. Hamlin isn't known for his deep pass protection.
It leaves us to wonder: Will we again have to deal with losing games because our secondary can't stop the deep ball.
It's possible. Comments

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