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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

McNabb Can't win Super Bowls. He gets sick.

The press is writing some hilarious stories about Donovan McNabb after Bears defensive lineman Tommie Harris said he'd love to have the quarterback play for the Bears. They'd win the Super Bowl, he quipped.

Now come on, Tommie. You are hanging out with Ricky Williams too much brah. Read it here.

McNabb is a choker. He had his chance to win a Super Bowl with a team as good as he will ever get. And what happened? He got sick in the fourth quarter. They wasted so much darn time as he puked his guts out. It was very poor clock management at the end of the game and Freddie Mitchell must have been truthful when he said McNabb was yacking. And the Patriots walked out with a victory. McNabb three three INTs in that game. Sort of Grossman-like, right?

What has McNabb done since then? He's played a total of 19 games in two years. He's had injury after injury since his puking Super Bowl performance.

And Tommie Harris thinks the Bears can win with this guy?

Poor Rex Grossman. In his first full year with the Bears, he had 23 TDs, 20 INTs and 3,193 yards. What did McNabb do in his first full 16-game year for the Eagles? 21 TDs, 13 INTs for 3,365 yards (2000). Sure McNabb''s numbers are better, but not THAT much better.

The Bears just shoot themselves in the foot, I think. McNabb won't play another full season in the NFL. He will always miss games because he has no endurance. He's now the Chipper Jones of the NFL.

And Rex Grossman may never play another game as Bear.

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PJS said...

McNabb v. Romo? Hmm. Tough choice. HAHAHA.