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Saturday, July 21, 2007

What's the deal Dallas Morning News Blog?

I'm not a fan of pompous people. But I can only assume that the reason the Dallas Morning News refuses to post my comments on its blog entries is because at the end of each one I put my blog site there.

Sounds petty? I thought Dallas fans stick together and support one another. Maybe they don't agree with my style, who knows. I don't care to ask. But it's pretty annoying to see them refuse to post my comments. Pete Aldrich and Todd Davis post the blog entries. They must be the ones who refuse to post my comments. My most recent comment about the kicker controversy in Dallas was, I thought, a good comment.

I just want someone who can kick in the clutch and kick a 45-plus yard field goal.

The Dallas Morning News, which is now the dominant paper in the Texas market, is also a dishonest newspaper. Circulation--how many people subscribe to the paper---is an important piece of information for publishers. Advertises use it as a gauge to determine how many people could possibly see their ads. Well, the DMN lies. Now, to be balanced, a lot of newspapers lie about their circulation. The industry is having it rough lately, and publishers have been for years using dirty, dishonest tactics to keep advertisers. Here's a summary of the DMN lies:

The Dallas Morning News has had an ongoing problem with its circulation numbers, being accused of inflating them to keep advertiser revenue high. In the mid-1980s, the paper was sued by the rival Times Herald, charging that the News was overstating circulation increases. In 2004, long after the Times Herald had ceased printing, The Dallas Morning News admitted it had indeed underreported circulation decreases, overstating Sunday circulation by 11.9% and daily circulation by 5.1%. The Morning News promised to pay advertisers US$23 million in restitution. The circulation problems worsened parent company Belo's financial condition and in late 2004, Belo laid off 250 workers, including 150 at the Morning News. Two years later, The News offered a voluntary severance package that more than 100 staffers took.

Here's some more DMN hatred.

Personally, I think their actions say a lot. Refusing to post my comments just is wrong. And it's even worse because you're mad that I advertise my little blog here. I haven't even gotten started here. This is my first two months and although my visitor count varies, I plan to be in this for the long run. Once the season begins, I believe people and fans will find great analysis here and breaking news. Sure, the Dallas Morning News has the name recognition, but when they stomp on the very people who they serve, you lost brownie points QUICK. I will keep their blog link on my blog. I won't drop to their level.