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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Michael Vick, your indictment is just plain OOKIE

I think it's safe to say the Michael "Ookie" Vick era is over. I doubt he plays another NFL game unless he's acquitted of the charges of being a part of a dog-fighting ring in Virginia called Bad News Kennelz.

What a bunch of scumbags.

But this indictment is purely disgusting. Read all the gory details here.

How can a person watch a dog get electrocuted as the court records allege? How can someone train a dog to kill another dog, watch it happen, and then murder one, as the court records allege. I'm a pet lover, and quite frankly, I think a six-year prison sentence is too lenient. I say life in prison. I don't think there's is a huge difference in murdering a human or murdering an innocent domestic animal. People who get a kick out of running over cats make me sick. In April alone, Vick participated in the murder of eight dogs, prosecutors state in court records.

ESPN doesn't think Vick will be immediately suspended. I will be angered if his case extends past the season so he can play this year. He doesn't deserve to play until the charges are dropped.

I know a person is innocent until proven guilty. But I never liked Michael Vick to begin with.

We all know the Falcons are shooting themselves right now for trading away Matt Schaub. Watch him turn into an amazing player. When they made the trade, I was shocked, because Vick was already on the fringe of losing it and he was in legal trouble. This was after he flicked off fans at a home game. You could just tell he was self destructing.

Micheal Vick was overrated to begin with. Now he's a thing of the past.

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