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Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Curse in Dallas? Please hurt this guy

First off, anyone who starts a blog or a post with "Okay" needs to be beaten. But I think once you all read this guy's blog post, he'll learn quickly that dumb people should not be blogging, especially about the Cowboys.

Some no-name Bryan Milward writes this ridiculous post that says the Dallas-area teams are cursed and he compares it to the curse of Bambino. He begins with Dallas, however. And as he tries to validate his blog, he makes himself look even more like a goofball. Is Bryan not aware that Dallas has won 5 super bowls? Probably not. He seems to think because we haven't had much success since the Smith-Aikman-Irvin era that we're under some kind of Dallas Curse. AHHHH! Lake of Fire!!!!

Here is one snip of his dumb post:

I'll begin with the Cowboys, who after reeling off three Lombardi Trophies in four years have been plagued by lame-duck-QBitis. Yeah, we had Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin for four years after those Super Bowl triumphs, but Troy had so many concussions and Mike did so much blow that the team was never a threat in the NFC. Since their departures, we've trotted out a laundry list of no-name QBs, including baseball veterans Quincy "Not the Hurricane" Carter, Chad "See I told you I was a pro football player" Hutchinson, and Drew "practice squad" Henson.

That's what he said. So, let me help the guy by inserting some brains into what he really means to say. A team that dominated the '90s can't be cursed. A team that has improved quite a bit over the past four years can't be cursed. The Romo Incident was not a curse. It was nerves and immaturity.

There is no curse on the Cowboys. Doofy continues:
In fairness, the immediate future does look somewhat bright for the Cowboys with Romo at the helm—but only if Tony can prove himself over a whole season.

That's great. I appreciate your throw of support and conclusion that the immediate future looks bright. But you aren't too bright, yourself, "Bryan." You want to know who is cursed? Just look to your neighbor: Arizona. The Cardinals are cursed. The Chicago Cubs are cursed. With your reasoning, the BEARS should be cursed. The 49ers should be cursed. The Broncos should be cursed.

I think Bryan is cursed...with lack of insight.

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