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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nick Eatman read my mind....

Nick Eatman of writes a great article on the Cowboys' secondary and how it all hinges on the free safety once again. Read it here.

I have written several posts about this very subject. For years, the secondary has baffled me. Last year, and especially the last five games, was down right pitiful. Here is a snippet of what Eatman says:

"The Cowboys not only were giving up points (30.4 per game in that stretch), but yards as well. Five of their six highest opponent yard totals last season occurred in the final five games. And most of the blame went to the Cowboys' secondary, which had trouble defending the big plays down the stretch."
Yeah, Eatman hits the nail on the coffin. But the Cowboys really didn't address this problem. Instead, they went and grabbed Ken Hamlin from the Seahawks, another hard-hitting safety who can't cover the deep ball. If my Seattle buddy was online right now, I'd ask him about Hamlin. But I know the answer: He's not exactly what we needed back there.

Eatman said the Cowboys coaching staff is hoping that a change of philosophy helps the secondary. Some of this new philosophy includes bringing Roy Williams closer to the line of scrimmage. I don't have a real problem with this, but I am concerned this hurts us even more when trying to cover the deep pass. The idea is Williams will use his power to slow down receivers. Henry and Newman are our corners and Glenn would be in for the nickel defense. Hamlin is the free safety, and would be the most responsible for the deep ball protection under this scheme.

I would love everyone to comment on this because I am not sure this scheme and philosophy are really what is needed. I was hoping we'd snag a great cover safety who is fast and agile. Ken Hamlin is neither in my opinion. He wasn't even a star in Seattle.

I don't want to watch a repeat of last season, or the past five years, either. I am going to throw support behind what Coach Phillips is doing, but if it doesn't work, I may be the first one to start blogging about Cowher.

Shit, I said his name.

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