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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th. Boring Day in the NFL?

I couldn't sleep right now if I wanted to. The bangs and booms have been consistent since 6 p.m. Oh well, it is Fourth of July, but I am sure the din of fireworks will continue for the rest of the week and probably into next week.

I scoured the Dallas Cowboys blogs all day searching for something to write about. It was a dull day today. The Larry Johnson chatter is probably the hottest of the bits. A few forums discussed it and it appeared many Dallas fans approve of a trade for Larry Johnson. I don't. He's just got too much wear and tear. The Chiefs overused him because the rest of the offense was pitiful and the result is Larry Johnson's career can be measured more in dog years. The guy has three years or less left in him as a top back. And that's with the chiefs. Keep him there.

There is also talk about Dallas getting Arkansas' Darren McFadden next year. We have Cleveland's first round pick in 2008. The guy rushed for 1600 yards, 14 TDs last year, with an incredible 5.8 yards per carry. In other words, this guy gets first downs every two runs.

I doubt Cleveland will be a top 3 pick, I just doubt it. But you never know. I think the Browns can win at least six games and that will probably make them a 6th pick. McFadden won't be there. Why would any of us even think about this right now? McFadden very well could be the top pick in the draft next year.

I won't hold my breath. But if we have a chance to get McFadden, I say do it. Although I like Julius Jones, he's disappointed us more than he has blown us away. His brother is better. But with Barber, it was a decent one-two punch that helped us win games. If we got McFadden, we'd go back to a one back system and probably lose both Jones and Barber by 2009.

Is that what we want?

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